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May 15, 2017 Bunk Beds

Make a Bunk Bed Stairs

Bunk Bed Stairs – First, measure from the floor to the top of the upper bunk’s base. Post measurement. Second, cut the two pieces of wood that will serve as the sides of the stairs by measuring you registered. Cutting 45-degree angles on both ends of each piece of wood. This is necessary so that each page will lay entirely on the floor and the side of the upper bunk.

Amazing Bunk Bed Stairs

Amazing Bunk Bed Stairs

Third, cut the last piece of wood into 12-inch lengths. These will serve as steps for the bunk bed stairs. Sanding the edges of each piece of wood to smooth out any roughness. Fourth, lay two sides of the steps on the ground, and then measure and mark the one-foot intervals along each side.

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Amazing Bunk Bed Stairs

Fifeth, set the stage to the pages of the selected intervals with nails. Get set of stairs up and lean it against the side of the top bunk. The stairs must be raised by 45 degree angle on facing the top bunk and the floor. Sixth, connect the stairs to the bunk bed. Drilling holes through the top of each side of the staircase and into the bunk bed. Place the bolts in each hole and secure them to observe the stairs in place. And your bunk bed stairs was done.

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